JM Consulting provides personalized support, actionable strategies, sustainable tools, and informed collaboration to help individuals and companies achieve their vision of success. 

Vision Statement

Though partnership with JM Consulting, individuals and companies will eliminate the barriers to their success. We will work together to design the right strategies to deliver personal and business outcomes; while creating culture-rich environments that unlock and enhance individual potential.


As a partner in achieving success, JM Consulting is committed to providing personalized support rooted in the following values:

  • Wisdom: Knowledge is learned; wisdom is experienced. Recommendations will be based on experience, industry frameworks, as well as vetted cross-functional best practices.
  • Collaboration: Understanding the vision, values, challenges, language, and culture of a company through collaboration with multiple internal stakeholders will ensure a process and product that are reflective of the unique value and potential of each company. Within individual coaching, having a partner on the journey who provides insights, support, and accountability will help to amplify personal success and deep impact. 
  • Passion: Believing in the potential and vision of each individual and company creates a deep passion for the work and its impact. That passion and strong work ethic will drive the energy around our collaboration. 
  • Quality: Providing high-quality strategic recommendations, personalized tools, and engaging learning experiences is at the heart of JM Consulting.
  • Sustainability: Delivering a product or solution that is user-friendly and sustainable, ensures that the return on investment will continue to grow as an individual and company grows.