I spent over a decade within the Y movement, and have dedicated a portion of my consulting practice towards continuing to support the Y's mission and impact. 

Throughout my time as a Y leader, I served in many roles within Organizational Development, Learning & Development, and Operations. I have amassed hundreds of tools, templates, trainings, and insights that can be leveraged to advance the vision, mission, and impact of your YMCA. 


+ Professional Development

JM Consulting can provide a number of half day, full day, or multi-session professional development opportunities for leadership and direct service staff. Trainings are tailored to the culture, language, and business of the Y within a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Leadership and Supervision
  • Communication and Team Building
  • Member Engagement and Hospitality
  • Professionalism
  • Youth Development (Developmental Assests, Positive Behavior Management, Afterschool and Day Camp Leadership, etc.)
  • Career Development
  • Presentation Skills and Training Best Practices

Training-of-Trainers available on various topics, as well as the purchase of customized training curriculum. See the Training and Speaking page for more information.

+ Program Development

Offering quality youth development, health and wellness, and social responsibility programming to all is at the heart of the YMCA's community impact. JM Consulting can support you with development, implementation, and/or evaluation of Branch or Association-wide programs.

We can determine the needs of your constituents and the unique value that your Y brings to the table. JM Consulting can develop a model that meets those needs through high quality, sustainable, and scalable programs and services.

See the Consulting page for more information.

+ Standards, Compliance, and Evaluations

In order to deliver high quality programs and services, quality must first be defined. Through the development or updating of standards, compliance tools, and evaluation strategies, JM Consulting can help your Y raise the bar on program quality.

Quality programs that meet the needs of the community create brand loyalty, as well as increased membership and retention. Ensuring quality across sites or Branches through documented standards and systems will help elevate the reputation and impact of your Y.

+ Systems Building

The success of an organization is often reliant on three things: people, environment (culture), and systems. Like a three-legged stool, if one of these areas is unstable, the stool will topple.

JM Consulting can help create, improve, or sustain the systems at your YMCA. This work can include, but is not limited to:

  • Association-wide business area meetings (e.g., Program Leadership Team Meetings)
  • performance planning
  • internal communication
  • blended training strategies
  • new initiative rollouts

+ Strategic Planning

A Strategic Plan is a YMCA's promise to the community, and acts as a north star to leadership, staff, and volunteers. JM Consulting can support with the development and documentation of your Strategic Plan, by identifying impact goals, key performance indicators, and action steps.

Specifically, JM Consulting can walk your Y through the process of identifying:

  • organizational areas of strengths
  • organizational limitations and opportunities
  • community needs and opportunities for impact
  • mission-aligned priorities

This information will be leveraged to develop a Strategic Plan that is mission and community driven, rooted in the priorities and strengths of the Y, actionable, and measurable.

+ Coaching

JM Consulting can provide one-on-one coaching sessions for experienced or emerging leaders. The sessions will work towards developing leadership skills, impact, and professional branding. Some of those conversations may include how to:

  • move from an individual contributor to a strategic leader
  • communicate with vision and clarity
  • develop a vision, plan, and measurement tools to advance the work
  • improve decision-making through curious intelligence
  • maximize the potential of teams and direct reports
  • build important relationships within the Y and the industry

Sessions can be facilitated in person, via phone, or via video chat. See the Coaching page for more information.

Incredibly thoughtful is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Jacqueline Misla. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jacqueline for 13 years, during which she supported the YMCA’s mission through strategic planning, implementation, and program development. I was impressed with Jacqueline’s ability to listen to feedback, ask insightful questions, provide informed analysis, and her engaging facilitation skills. Jacqueline is an asset for any organization invested in the innovative development of their products and services.
— Program Director, YMCA of Greater New York