Why jm consulting?

Individuals and companies choose to work with me because they are looking for someone whose coaching and consulting approach is informed by real-world experience and success. 

+ Individuals

  • Through my own struggles and personal successes, I have developed insights around how to navigate change and challenges in order to live a life filled with meaning, passion, joy, and impact.
  • If you are seeking change or a renewed sense of direction, I will leverage my strategic planning skills to provide practical tools and action plans to help you move towards your vision.
  • My background in Social Work enables me to connect environmental factors (career, relationships, community) to personal struggles and successes, in order to provide a unique and holistic lens.
  • I am deeply curious and believe in the power of human potential. I will leverage my passion and skill sets to help you clarify your goals in order to map out your individualized path to success.

+ Companies

  • My success as a consultant and non-profit executive illustrates my ability to exceed expectations across a variety of business areas, with a focus on vision and impact.
  • I can astutely read a company's dynamics in order to create actionable, out-of-the-box solutions.
  • My compulsion to optimize my contribution to a company's impact, along with my work ethic, make me a dependable partner.
  • As a strategic thinker, I can drill down and simplify large concepts in order to develop precise tactical plans that focus on seamless delivery and sustainability.



...I can honestly say she is one of the most strategic, effective, visionary, courageous, and dynamic leaders I have ever met. She is able to meld a global and macro-level lens on organizations, communities, and society with the unique acumen of developing high-quality and sustainable action plans designed to improve performance, impact, and culture. Her integrity, character, and professionalism is the highest caliber...
— Director of Diversity & Inclusion, YMCA of the USA