The companies that I work with vary in industry, geography, structure, and budget size.  What they all have in common is their desire to deepen their impact by creating positive sustainable change.  

Through customized support, JM Consulting can provide a number of services including:

  •  Systems Building
  •  Program/ Product Development and Evaluation
  •  Compliance Structures (Standards and Best Practices) 
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Team Building 
  •  Professional Development and Coaching

creating a roadmap for Success

Barrier: "I know what I want the end result to be, but I am not clear on how to get there."

Strategy: Based on years of experience developing and scaling programs and services, I can work with you to develop a road map that will bring your vision to fruition. 

Next Step Triangle - blue.png
  1. Vision: Establish the vision of success.
  2. Consumer/ Community Need: Assess the need within your impact area.
  3. Financial Goals: Determine fiscal milestones.
  4. Resources: Identify available resources.
  5. Priorities: Define priorities, based on vision, need, finances, and resources.
  6. Action Plan: Create projects and tasks, based on identified priorities. 

Navigating Through Change

Barrier: "We are rolling out something new and don't know how to get people to change the way they do the work."

Strategy: Whether you are rolling out a new program, changing the way you do business, or implementing new systems of efficiency, communicating and implementing change can be difficult. We can work together to create a strategy that will help your staff successfully navigate through the change.

Change Management - blue.jpg
  1. Internal Communication & Branding: Develop a communication strategy and guidelines that clarify what success looks like after the change is complete. 
  2. Training & Experiential Learning: Host interactive trainings to help people understand how to implement the new program/ system/ service successfully. 
  3. Systems: Ensure that interdepartmental  systems support the desired change.
  4. Evaluation and Follow Up: Monitor the change management process and tweek, reenforce, and redesign as needed. 

Building a Strong Team

Barrier: "I'm not sure if my leadership team is able to take us to the next level."

Strategy: By understanding what barriers are getting in the way of individual team members, we can develop a strategy for addressing those barriers and focus on building a successful team.

Assessment and Strategy 2.jpg

Assessment: Identify strengths and determine what is getting in the way of individual and team success:

  1. Knowledge Gap: Individuals do not have the necessary knowledge to move the work forward.
  2. Skill Gap: Individuals do not have the skills or experience necessary to advance the work.
  3. Capacity Gap: Portfolio size and available resources make it difficult for individuals to have the desired impact on the work.
  4. Discipline Gap: Individuals lack the will or discipline to manage their portfolios successfully. 

Strategy: Based on the assessment, design and implement a strategy to address the team's barriers to success:

  1. Training and Coaching
  2. Experiential Learning Plans
  3. System Enhancements
  4. Restructuring

Meeting the need through quality services

Barrier: "Our programs and services are not high quality or no longer meet the needs of those we serve."

Strategy: Through assessment and evaluation, we can determine the needs of your constituents and the unique value that your organization brings to the table. We can develop a model that meets those needs through high quality, sustainable, and scalable programs and services. 

High Quality 2 - blue.jpg
  1. Assessment: Identify the internal standards and practices, the needs of those you serve, and the best practices in the field. 
  2. Evaluation: Pinpoint the gaps between current practices, consumer/ community needs, and industry standards. 
  3. Strategy: Ensure that the vision of success is aligned with organizational goals, consumer needs, and industry standards. 
  4. Systems: Create clear systems and compliance structures that enable successful implementation of programs and services.